Episode 154 - Butts and Arms

In this week's episode, what are some outfits your partner will wear that gets your "motor running?"  How do you know when you're "getting old?"  What was your best / worst first day of school and school picture outfits?  Finally, what are some musical artists that you aren't a big fan of even though they are popular?

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Episode 145 - Eelaine

In this week's episode, Patreon takes over.  Bryan, from the Bryan-hour-power-hour, asks, since Avengers is out and we have heard in the past your personal superpower, your task is to create Marvel's next here.  What is their race, name, power, skill, full-time or part-time, and their flaw?

Awesome Andrew asks, under what circumstances will you purchase or ride in a fully autonomous car?

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Episode 140A - Bro...

In this week's episode, we do a full catch up and recap on our past two weeks.  What is the first impression you try to put out in a social situation and what is the actual impression you give?  Finally, if you could only taste one sweet flavor for the rest of your life, which flavor would you pick?

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Episode 139 - The British Are Coming

In this week's episode, we feature two topics from our awesome Patreon supporters, Bryan and Andrew.  Bryan asks, "If you were going to pick a new pet, what would you pick?  If you could also pick your Patronus form, what would you pick?"  Andrew asks, "With all the turnover in our current White House cabinet, it begs the question, who would you pick as your personal cabinet if you were president?"

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Episode 138 - Bens a Blues Brother

In this week's episode, we go through a 3 question personality test.  What is some technology that you thought was stupid when it first came out or was announced?  What are some of the stupidest injuries you've experienced?  Finally, what's your favorite types of comedy and are there any actors or actresses that you really like or dislike?

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