Episode 35 - Mob Squad Draft

This week's episode starts a special series for October.  This episode and the next three will themed and shorter than our normal episodes.  This week we have another draft for the Couple Things Podcast Battle Royale where we draft fighters from any work of fiction.

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Episode 10 - Twitter Topics

For today's episode, we went to our twitter followers for suggestions.  We received so many good ones, we decided to make a whole show of them for our 10th episode!  We discuss Batman vs. Darth Vader.  Half of the couple is sick and needs sleep; do you watch your favorite show without them?  What are our thoughts on the "wave?"  We called dipping your french fries into a frosty "poop on a stick."  What would you call dipping your fries into a DQ soft server?  Would we "Do the dew?"  Finally, we talk about Ben's bar room brawl. 

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