Episode 116 - Molly's First Blorno

In this week's extra special episode, we are joined by Mr. Dan Lizette from The Podcast Digest.  Which movie and TV had the biggest lasting impact on you from when you were a kid?  Would you rather be itchy or sticky for the rest of your life?  If an evil genie popped out of a lamp and offered you 3 wishes, how would you outsmart it?  How has today's technology changed how we make and keep friends?  Finally, if you found out your parents had been in a porno, would you discuss it with them?

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Episode 29 - Magic In The Air

In this week's episode, we discuss whether or not you would do something fun even if you aren't the best?  Would you let your kids go to Hogwarts if they received an acceptance letter?  Technology: is it simplifying or complicating our lives?  Do you think you could date using "today's" methods?

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Episode 21 - Sweaty Butts

In this week's episode, our group discusses what the best generation of music?  How different was your 18 year old self from today's version of you?  What technology would you want to rewind 10 years and either phase out completely or take it back to its simplest form?   Finally, what are some things you wish you could do, but can't?

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