Episode 73 - Tired Trends

In this week's episode, we are asked what trends will be unpopular in 10 years?  What are some interest's that totally consume you?  How has social media changed the way you share important news?  Finally, what are some things you were excited for, but turned out to be a let down?

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Episode 18 - Man eScaping

In this week's episode, we unfortunately lose a member of the team for a week.  However, we still discuss whether we are excited to get old or are we going to try and stay young?  #GoSports What do we think the manliest sport is for a man to play?  If you had to escape the United States in 24 hours, how would get out of the country with the skills you currently have?  Twitter question from @AndyZitzmann - Who do you think is more active on social media, men or women?

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