Episode 75 - Bagel, BAG-el

In this week's episode, we begin with a pokemon quiz of the original 150.  Bagels; what are our feelings about bagels and how do we like them?  Patreon supporter Brian Auer wrote in and asked: If we got in the car right now for a 2 week road trip, where would we go and what would we do?  Finally, if we were to start your own "gang," what would your gang stand for and what would your colors be?

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Episode 39 - Netflix and Chill

In this week's episode, our group discusses our favorite and least favorite memories of Halloween.  If you had the ability to fix Episode 1-3 of Star Wars, what changes would you make?  With the VW diesel car scandal making headline news, we ask whether a scandal like that could change your opinion about a big business you previously supported?  Finally, if you could take a road trip across America with one celebrity, who would you pick?

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Episode 11 - The Road Trip Edition

We've got a special podcast this week.  Hop in the car with us as we go on our first Couple Things road trip and record Episode 11 at the same time.  We discuss what are your favorite childhood road trip memories?  What is your dream road trip car?  What are your favorite road trip activities?  What are the things that make a road trip memorable?

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