Episode 61 - What Would You Do If...

In this week's special episode, we ask each other scenarios with the prefix "What would you do if..."  If Jurassic world was a real thing?  If you became an inflatable flailing arm tube man?  If every time you started sweating, syrup came out?  If you were forced to join a nudest colony?  If you found out you were losing your entire memory starting tomorrow?  If you came home and your pet had turned into an elephant?  If your car had a bomb inside of it?  If you could never flush a toilet?  If your car doubled as a time machine?  If all animals became the masters and humans were the pets?  If aliens abducted you but you escaped?  If you were in a street fight and you had to pick your opponent?  Finally, if a cricket started giving you advice?

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Episode 9 - Nudes, Nudes Everywhere

In this episode, we discuss: When it comes to TV shows, what are the qualities that hook you into watching more?  Do you think people care what's in their food?  Would you ever join a nudest colony?  What are some things that restore your faith in humanity?

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