Episode 14 - Pudding Breathing Dragons

In this episode we discuss, we're always asked what super power do you want.  But what super power would be the hardest to live with?  If you were a villain, which method would you use to take over the world?  If you got to select one language other than English to learn, what would it be?  At what point do you get to old to stop liking something?

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Episode 9 - Nudes, Nudes Everywhere

In this episode, we discuss: When it comes to TV shows, what are the qualities that hook you into watching more?  Do you think people care what's in their food?  Would you ever join a nudest colony?  What are some things that restore your faith in humanity?

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Episode 4 - Apple Nirvana

In this episode we discuss: What are the worst fashion faux pas you've committed or witnessed?  If your house was on fire, what two things would you take with you?  We all know how bad customer service can be, but what are some good customer service experiences you've had? When you reach "drunk nirvana," how did you get there, what are your drunk skills, and what puts you over the edge?

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