Episode 70 - Hairy Eels

in this week's episode, we discuss which celebrity we could get rid of completely.  If you could make your hobbies a profession, would you do it?  If you could only eat at 1 different restaurant for each meal of the day for the rest of your life, what would you pick?  Finally, if you could pick any trend to bring to your city, what would you pick?

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Episode 36 - Would You Rather...

In the second installment of our special series for October, we have a "would you rather" marathon.  We discuss everything from super powers, to the Sahara Desert, and farting.

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Episode 31 - Death By Cantaloupe

In this week's episode, our group discusses our contribution to Another Damn Trivia Show (check them out on the Wicked Radio Network) and our feelings about trivia in general.  What celebrity would we want to see as president?  What are some small things that you find therapeutic?  Finally, we discuss the funniest ways to die.

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