Episode 140A - Bro...

In this week's episode, we do a full catch up and recap on our past two weeks.  What is the first impression you try to put out in a social situation and what is the actual impression you give?  Finally, if you could only taste one sweet flavor for the rest of your life, which flavor would you pick?

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Episode 139 - The British Are Coming

In this week's episode, we feature two topics from our awesome Patreon supporters, Bryan and Andrew.  Bryan asks, "If you were going to pick a new pet, what would you pick?  If you could also pick your Patronus form, what would you pick?"  Andrew asks, "With all the turnover in our current White House cabinet, it begs the question, who would you pick as your personal cabinet if you were president?"

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Episode 138 - Bens a Blues Brother

In this week's episode, we go through a 3 question personality test.  What is some technology that you thought was stupid when it first came out or was announced?  What are some of the stupidest injuries you've experienced?  Finally, what's your favorite types of comedy and are there any actors or actresses that you really like or dislike?

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Episode 137 - Dying On The Hill

In this week's episode, Patreon supporter Brian asks, if you were going to combine different activities to make an Olympic sport, what would you create?  Patreon supporter Andrew asks, what are some of the funniest arguments you've had with your significant other?  Which hills are you willing to die on?  What are some surreal places you've been to or seen?  Finally, we agree on the terms for the Cheesecake bet.

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Episode 136 - von's Tells

In this week's episode, which Winter Olympic sports are your favorites to watch?  What's your most said words or phrases to each other and on the podcast?  What is your routine when getting ready to entertain guests and what are you like when you're a house guest?  Finally, what are some of the most awkward interactions you've had with complete strangers?

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Episode 132 - Ode to DAPF and Bryan

In this week's episode, we give a super special shout out to DAPF for releasing their 200th episode!  Congratulations!  In honor of DAPF, we also list our individual Top 5 reasonable home improvements we would make if we could.  Finally, our main man and patreon supporter, Bryan, gave us this scenario: Your spouse is gone; but not dead, and instead sucked into the interwebs ala Tron. The only way to free them is by visiting their favorite websites.  Which websites would you be visiting and could you free them or will they be lost forever?

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Episode 131 - Andrew Is Coming To Tattoo You

In this week's episode, Patreon supporter, Andrew, asks, "If I were on the way to tattoo you, what would you want me to put on you and where would you want it?" Did you succeed in your goals for 2017 and what are your new goals for 2018?  What were the best items in your lunchbox as a kid?  Finally, what is in your "Go Bag"?

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Episode 129 - Last Tangents of 2017

In the final podcast of the year, we go on a million different tangents.  Then we ask, if you were ordering for a party, which appetizers, pizza, and dessert are you buying?  Now that Prince Harry is engaged with Meghan Markle, if you had the opportunity to marry into the royal family, would you?  What are your top three buffets?  Finally, what are your thoughts and feelings on awkward social situations?

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Episode 128 - Christmas Traditions

In this week's XL Topic Mini episode, we reach out to our main man, Bryan, on Patreon for a seasonal topic.  His suggestion was, "Now that we are in the Holiday Season, name a modern tradition that you love and does your decorating reflect you personally. I am a Hallmark Movie junkie bonding with Molls, Annaleis and Steph as well as others with this habit. For decorating we have a Santa Yoda, dachshund and snowman theme going on.  Thoughts behind modern tradition - Hallmark bingeing, ugly Christmas sweaters, Clark Griswald light displays. Not quite appropriate Christmas songs. Etc."

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