Episode 175 - Egg-cellent

In this week’s episode, we go over our wild Avengers: Endgame speculation for the upcoming movie. If you were granted a 1 year sabbatical, what would you do with the time? What is your ideal date with your partner? Finally, why do you want to see shows live and what makes them good or not?

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Episode 174 - Ray The Dwarf Foreman

In this week’s episode, would you rather be stuck behind someone who goes the speed limit, forever, or would you rather have someone with road rage behind you, forever? What would your role/job be in different cinematic universe? Would you be willing to be cryogenically frozen? Finally, would you augment part of your body and/or what would you augment?

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Episode 173 - The Count vs. Tony

In this week’s episode, which celebrities do you think will get into trouble next and which celebrities would you be heart broken to find out they did something illegal? Which cereal mascots do you like the most? If all those cereal mascots entered a battle royal, who would come out victorious? Finally, what is the worst thing you’ve ever purchased?

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Episode 172 - Fart Screams

In this week’s episode, if you had to design an escape room to scare the hell out of you, what would you design? If you had to pledge allegiance to a Game of Thrones house, which would you pick? If you could pick an animal to have with one super power, what would you pick and what would its power be? Finally, would you rather fart every time you scream or scream every time you fart?

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Episode 170 - We Call Joey

In this week’s episode, when and who would be the first person to notice / call the police because you and your spouse have been kidnapped and killed? We take a states quiz. Would you accept a free apartment for life IF your living room wall was completely made from glass? Finally, if your spouse was gone for an entire week and money was no object, what would you do?

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Episode 167 - He is SO Hot

In this week’s episode, How do you fall asleep? You can replan your wedding; what are you doing differently? What are you thoughts/memories of garage sales? If you could pick something from an arcade/bowling alley to add into your home, what would you pick? Finally, which female celebrity should Ben and Ray have a crush on?

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Episode 163 - HONKY

In this week’s episode, what are some things that should never have become “smart” devices? What are you top 3 most hated foods? What are some name brands that you stand by and would recommend to a friend? Finally, if you could geographically change something about Cincinnati, what would it be?

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Episode 162 - Shoot Your Shot

In this week’s episode, the gang does a full recap on everything that’s happened over the last 2 months and why we haven’t had any new episodes. What inventions/items can you not believe someone got paid to make? What are some “non-starters” for you when meeting new people or first dates? How does your partner sleep? Finally, what item do you own, that you didn’t know you needed when you got it, and can’t live without now?

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